Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The only permanent thing on this planet is change. Be it a blossoming flower bud or a cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly, everything changes and everything grows.
Most of the times, we crib and cry about change. As human beings, we have a set routine and we hate when that schedule is disturbed. Even if we miss a single bus, we feel frustrated because our entire time table for the day is blown apart.
But ever tried looking at change through a different pair of eyes? Metamorphosis is the beautiful journey an individual undertakes to become a better person. Metamorphosis is that medicine which brings us closer to being our self. The person who we ultimately are supposed to be.
Had it not been for that change, the cocoon would have stayed a cocoon and never turned into a beautiful butterfly. Had it not been for that change, we would not have had flowers. We would just have stagnant flower buds. Had it not been for changes in our life, we would not have grown to be better people.
I do not fully understand why am I writing about change today. I guess I just needed a change from my old writing habits and hence this article on change! All we need to remember is to embrace change as and when it comes. That is all that is needed to add spice and variety to life...