Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My sister...

When she was born my heart burst with a feeling completely unknown- jealousy. Yes, that is exactly what I felt. Now, I would have to share my father and my mother's undivided attention that was meant only for me. And here she was, an intruder in my perfectly perfect world.
For a long time after that, I would tease her that she is an adopted child. And that I am the only actual daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shukla. She took it all in a lighter stride.
I never realized it then, but I do now- that what an amazing person my sister actually is. She is mature in ways that flabbergast me. She is impish in ways that make me smile and think about my childhood.
While growing up, I hated her. She would read my diaries, would tell mom things that weren't meant to be told, would talk to people that I hate, would be daddy's pet- and so on and so forth.
Little did I realize that this was just sheer love that was growing within my soul; just for her.
I still remember how she would eagerly wait for me to come from school, and as soon as she would see me she would drag her tiny little bottom across the floor just so that she could be held by her didi.
When she first started walking, I remember being on my knees at the other end of the room waiting with my arms wide open and she would come running into my arms and give me the world's best hug!
When we were both young and stupid, we would make a house underneath the dining table all fully furnished with pillows and teddy bears. All these and so many other wonderful moments that have made sisterhood so special.
Today the roles have reversed. I see her as someone who is wise beyond her years. I see her as someone I would seek advice from. I see her as someone who is closer to me than my closest friend. I see her as someone just like I would want my daughter to be...
I could write a book on what I feel for her. Or perhaps words would seem superfluous here. But one thing is true, that she has surpassed all of my expectations today and she is someone I am fiercely proud of.
I read what she writes and I realize that its my soul speaking back to me. I guess that is why there is so much of hype about blood relations. She is a part of me speaking to back to me, telling me exactly what I would feel. So what if she is a million miles away?
She is a still a part of the same branch that I am. She is still my own flesh and blood. After reading this she is going to just tell me that I am an overtly emotional fool, but I know that in the night when she is lying alone in our bedroom she will perhaps think about her crazy-emotional-drama queen- didi and I hope that she knows then that she will always be loved and cherished in a way that no other sister would ever have felt.
I promise you my sister, that I will always be there for you. No matter what. Every step that you take or every endeavor that you want to undertake, there always will be one hand ready to hold you in case you fall...