Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Complexity and all the crap..

I am an MBA student and the reality struck me just a couple days ago when I was writing my mid-term exam for a subject that is stupidly titled Managing Change. Now every MBA knows that professors talk a lot of crap about models and flow charts and lots of theories. Academic scholars like Galbraith, Nadler, Peter Drucker or even Sigmund 'fucking' Freud came up with the weirdest of all theories and models. Like we don't have anything better to do with our lives!
My question is, when faced with an actual business problem or a crisis, who in the whole wide world has any time to consult these flow charts and theories.
Ever since we were born, haven't we been taught to tackle crisis by our own judgment? The word for that is 'EXPERIENCE'. That is certainly the best teacher.
And I realized it 3 semesters down in MBA!

Sorry Mr. Drucker and Mr. Freud but seems like your complex analysis of organizations and people will still remain secondary data because nothing can take the place of simple mistakes made and great lessons learned..!