Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eine Nacht...

Scene 1: Take 1: Action-
A beautiful restaurant (a cozy cafe actually), 4 friends, horrible food, amazing ambiance, delicious mug full of coffee, a game of truth and dare and some amazing conversation.

Scene 2: Take 2: Action-
A chilly winter night. The Hoboken riverfront. New York skyline just across the river, right in front of you. Calm waters of the Hudson river softly licking the Hoboken shores. Soft music wafting from the cafe nearby. The tall buildings just take your breath away...

Scene 3: Take 3: Action in my brain-
I wish this night would never end. I hate going back home. But I have to. Because I have work and classes tomorrow. The cold kills me, but I love it. The wind bites my face, but I so want to remove my jacket and feel it against my skin. I just wish I could sit there for hours and hours, and never have to move away. Solitude is my faithful friend...

P.S.: Eine Nacht means A Night in Deutsche. ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The big bad house..

I was just passing by this road, and I saw this small house on the road side. At a glance, one probably, would mistake it for just another house on the road. But I saw it closely, and I realized that the place was infected by termites. I had to look closely enough to confirm. Fine long lines of termite presence were etched on the four walls of the house. And I presumed that no one was living in there. I believe in the philosophy that non-living things have feelings too, and are alive in one way or the other (Weird I know, but that's me!! Sigh..).
It looked as if the house was a dying person. It looked as though the doctors had given up all hope and left the patient on its own fate. Now my far fetched imagination imagined what it would be like; if the house had hands and would be able to clean itself of the termite lines. The house, I guess, is unlucky..
But we are humans and we are lucky people. We have a fully functional heart, brain and limbs that can drive all sorts of cobwebs and termites away. We are all infected by termites at one time or another, but we have the power to clean them. All we need to do is accept the fact first that we have been infected. Half the battle is won there and then. And then we can move on to become who we have envisioned ourselves to be. We have to cleanse our body and soul of these termites. Only then can we call ourselves, pure from the heart, body and soul...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A nameless feeling..

People, lucky enough like me, get a college education. So what's the big deal? Everyone gets that. But I wish I could go and ask 'everyone' their feelings about college..
Those amazing years of life. The reason why the post is titled 'A nameless feeling' is because I have no name for the feeling I get when I think of the college days gone by. Some call it 'nostalgia' and some attach the tag of 'memories', but how can I call it my past when those days, each and every moment that I lived in my college, still breathes and thrives within me.
I have started learning the guitar these days, and I tried my hand at this very famous song 'Purani Jeans aur Guitar', and trust me- the feeling was mind blowing. While singing the song, I closed my eyes and I was able to visualize everything as if it always was there, and as if I have never been away from it. The feeling was so beautiful that I had goose bumps on my hand while singing that song. Now what do I call such a feeling? A feeling of absolute and utter love for the days gone by whose images still keep popping up in my head. When I left school, I hated the fact that I had to go to college. This is because school had different kinds of memories attached to it. And now that I have left my college, I realize I was so wrong. Each phase of life has its own uniqueness and because the days of my college gone by are the recent most right now... it will take some time to get out of this nameless feeling...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My definitions.

Everyone has a certain mindset and everyone is entitled to a certain opinion, and everyone also feels that his/her opinion is the right one. That is how human mind is conditioned to function, I guess. It is the individual's environment, heredity and a lot of other factors that make him/her think in a certain direction and in a certain manner.
Well, I have these set of definitions in my life that I live by and deeply believe in.

-Mom: The sole soul on the planet that truly believes in unconditional love and actually professes it. All other forms of love are, somewhere or the other, adulterated.

-Friend: The pillar of support that will never let you fall down even if you have become hollow from the inside like a plank of wood that is infected by termites.

-Religion: Is a matter of your own beliefs, and I respect your beliefs.

-Music and dance: Is simply one way to God.

-Education: Is a must for enlightenment

-Politics: Deep shit hole.

-Sex: Is a path that leads on to the unison of two souls deeply in love with each other. It helps them, actually, become one.

-Books: The second best way to learn lessons, after making your own experience.

-Experience: Obviously, the best way to learn a lesson.

-Relationships: Are a must for survival on the planet. They are as basic as needs for food, water or shelter. Extroverts openly acknowledge it, introverts don't. But on some level;both-extroverts and introverts desire it.

-Love: Is the most beautiful and the most ugly feeling on the planet.

-Terrorists: Should go back to where they came from-hell.

Friday, January 2, 2009


They are everywhere. They pinch you in subways, they wink at you on the streets, they harass you and they irritate you everywhere. You can avoid them but you certainly cannot ignore them. The 2 sexes- males and females are so different from each other. Men might have a million complaints about women and vice versa.
Being a woman, I think I should stay loyal to my community. Men from the days of yore used to be such fine gentlemen. They would make women feel like princesses. Respect for women and chivalry were common traits. And the men of today's generation- Pah! Respect for women and chivalry is a long forgotten term. Now all they can do is gape at women and consider them as objects of desire.
Sometimes it gets so irritating that you just feel like slapping them hard. And I am sure many of my female confreres will agree. Men just don't realize how dumb they look when they do that!
I have met only 2-3 men, hardly, who belong to the generation today and respect women and see them as individuals rather than objects of play. I wish there were more men like them! The world would be such a better place overall... sigh!!