Saturday, April 9, 2011

Egotists.. and we are surrounded by them!

Yes! The word is 'egotist'. This is the word I fell in love with, when I first read the much coveted 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand. I don't agree with everything that that book has to say but I fell in love with this word.
And it is true! We are surrounded by them. Primarily men. People who haven't achieved much in life except working at a laundromat come up to me and explain why I am overconfident about the decisions that I make in my life. And I feel like telling them that it is, precisely, these risks that I will take that will make a better person out of me in the future. That was Egotist No.1

Now we have Egotist No. 2 who thinks that every mortal soul walking on this planet is an ant, that is to be crushed under his feet. Well except for him of course. Because he is the omnipotent, all knowing one!
Well let me tell you Mr. No.2 that you are as retarded as Sridevi was in the movie Sadma. And that having X number of graduate degrees and holding Y number of prominent positions on your resume doesn't necessarily make you a demi God! Knowledge comes with a lot of responsibility and should be accompanied by a lot of humility. If you are not humble enough to respect another person's being, any amount of grey matter in your head would stay just that GREY MATTER and nothing more!