Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Girl. A New City...

She landed at the Hyderabad airport with the excitement that only an enthusiastic amateur traveler can experience when landing at a new place. It was just another random metro city, but she soon realized that the language was something which was going to separate her from everybody else, always.
Call her good luck, but her first month in Hyderabad was full of friends, fun and frolic. It was surreal. And she thought to herself, this is too good to be true. So many friends so easily?! All she did was bask in the glory of her friends and have a good time.

Fast forward, one month. Now she sits silently in a corner of her office and writes this. Those momentary friends, made then, are now scattered all across the world. She doesn't have anyone she could speak to. Colleagues are 'artificial friends' i.e. people you know who smile at you and talk sweetly with you but bitch about you behind your back.
Outside friends are too busy with their lives and don't really care if you need someone or not.
All this comes as a blow for her. Mainly because, she is not used to being alone. She is used to being surrounded by friends and loved ones. But here something is definitely amiss.
She looks forward to waking up to a day when all this seems just like a bad dream...