Saturday, November 27, 2010


So you want to be immortal? So you want to attain salvation? I don't know why but this thought just crossed my mind today at work. Now I am not a preacher or a saint to give my views on this topic which many would find rhetoric.
I, once, had a discussion with a professor during my under graduate classes in India. Apparently, he couldn't wait to attain 'salvation' and he thought that this was his last life on this planet. Now, as hilarious as this sounded to me, I just responded by one question- Isn't the temptation to attain salvation a temptation in itself? Doesn't this temptation contradict the very premise on which the whole concept of salvation is based? So why all this fuss about attaining nirvana?
On a personal note, wouldn't it just be super cool to be born as someone else in some other birth (if something like that does happen)!
I could be born as anything that I imagined! I could be a butterfly or a princess or a wall street investment banker!
This is just so tempting.. I don't think I want to break out from this cycle of birth and death. I am in no hurry and in no mood to leave beloved planet earth :)

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Nonsense said...

I like the way you deciphered the temptation to attain salvation part.
I am sure, your professor would have flabbergasted answering you.

The post really put me into question, on what is my take on this. A intriguing post for me, this early morning.