Sunday, August 21, 2011

The year of women empowerment or something like that...

She is everywhere. She is your mother, perhaps, your neighbour. She is your teacher at school or she is the one sitting next to you on the bus. She may be your vegetable vendor or she may be your role model- but the truth is, she is everywhere!
I am talking about an oppressed woman. She will not tell you what she is going through, but her eyes will. She will never verbally abuse her husband, but she gets abused all the time.
I have come across so many oppressed women in my life that my faith in the institution of marriage is, perhaps, on its way to total collapse.
These are the women of today. They work outside, are bread earners for their family but their so-called better halves don't care for their feelings at all. Their spouses enjoy sitting on the couch doing nothing all day long and abusing their wives making sure that their male ego is satisfied.
These are the women of today who run from one place to another to make ends meet. Who undergo total trauma just to make sure their children have better lives.
I salute these women. But a better part of me wants them to break free of this nonsense that their life has been reduced to. A better part of me wants them to stand up and take a firm stand. There is a feeling of helplessness that sets in as I write this and realize that help needs to come from within for these women. And all we can hope and pray for is for them to realize just how much powerful they truly are! And unless they don't realize it themselves, there is no breaking away from the shackles of this male-dominated institution called marriage...

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