Monday, February 9, 2009

Dissipating into someone else..

They say that a new born baby is the purest thing on the planet. But as and when it grows, the layers of worldliness start enveloping its heart and mind and slowly but steadily it loses its innocence.
How I wish, I could stay as innocent as I was when I was born. Losing out on innocence, not being able to trust people and being wary at every step-these are the few symptoms of the disease we all know as 'growing old'.
I am turning into someone else, someone who is growing old. I wish I could go back into being carefree and trustful. I want to trust people, but I am wary. I want to be able to become the Shailee I was before. I have started thinking about myself more and I am not even able to decide whether this good or bad. This metamorphosis affects me, and I wish I could change..

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