Friday, February 6, 2009

People that I observe...

I know it has been ages since I put up something. My friends complain, my parents rant on and on about not keeping in touch, and loved ones patiently wait for me to get back home.. but the thing that has kept me really busy is the place where I work part-time- a convenience store.
Now working here is real fun, because you encounter people from all walks of life. But there are certain customers who leave their foot prints behind in your mind. Now all of these are not necessarily good, but nevertheless I mention them here, because they forced me to think about them even after the transaction is done with. Here is a list of them all:

- The Grumpy Guy
The Grumpiest Guy on planet Earth award goes to this particular customer who comes to the store everyday. He has a horrible body language and a constant frown on his head. I have not seen him smile even one single time. He throws money on the counter as if he despises it. His frown gets all the more deeper if there are people ahead of him in the queue. I just wonder, what must have taken place in his life that he turned out like this? What atrocities has he gone through that force him to be in a bad mood all the time..

-My Crush
Yes, I am a girl! And I do realize that I have crushes all the time. There is this guy who comes and buys beer everyday. Now he looks exactly like Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame, and I can't help but find him oh-so-cute. Turns out that he is a student at my university too pursuing Criminal Justice.. impressive huh???!!!

- My sweetheart
She is probably a 70 year old woman, who still has to work at this age to cover up her expenses during these unstable economic times. I asked her, "Why do you still work? You should be home, taking rest". And she says, "Atleast I have a job. I am not as unfortunate as those others who lost theirs.." She taught me this lesson today- Never complain. Because what might be less for you may be more than enough for others.

These are a few people who influenced me. There are many more others who touch me in some way or other everyday... and I am thankful to God that I get a chance to meet such beautiful souls in abundance...


Nehal Shah said...

Many a acquaintances do have a lasting effect girlie..
readin this post..make me feel nostalgic..

sejal said...

Hey who is this lady??? She tought something which is very important in life...
Good lesson huh !!!!