Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Music.. My world...

"Music is my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness."
Maya Angelou

What Miss Angelou writes here is so very true!! Especially for me. We all have our own problems, something we have to live with and tackle everyday. Our weaknesses, our troubles and our short-comings. We cannot do much about those, because most of the time they are born and brought up in our own head. And unless and until our head is not cured of that illness, those troubles don't go. But, probably, everyone turns to music to heal their soul.
Whether you listen to rock, pop, hip-hop, symphony, trance or jazz- it doesn't matter. All that matters is how music uplifts your tattered spirits and rejuvenates your faith in life.
Music is not just music for me. It is so much like a spiritual experience for me. When I listen to music, I go on another level altogether, and for a small period of time I forget all the pain and suffering that I inflict upon myself. Lyrics attract me, and so does a good piece of guitaring. And, hence I am absolutely in love with rock music.
Rock is not just about skimpily clad rock stars with tattoos on their arms and guitar on their backs screaming on the top of their voices. Rock is about amazing lyrics. Rock is about the magic that a person's fingers can do on the guitar fret. Rock is about teaching good and beautiful things in life.
No other genre has made me so happy and content about being myself.
Here is something that I wrote about music which sums up what I feel for my music. I wrote this piece for a team website project and it comes straight from my heart:

Millions of people pray using different ways and means. Some go to the church and some sit and meditate in silence. Some sing out loud and clear in different choirs and some just admire His work in silent contemplation. Music is one such form of prayer to the creator above. It is a path leading to the communion of our soul with Nature's soul.

Music is pure,
Music is pristine.
Music is food for the soul,
Music is all this and so much more.

Simply put, music is life!

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