Monday, May 18, 2009

America so far..

It has been 10 months that I set foot in the land of opportunities. And these 10 months have been like an eye opener in a way that doesn't make it so obvious. The cultural shock has been subtle but tremendous.
Americans are funny people, but they are very open-hearted and friendly. Well not everyone really, but most of them are. Here are some things I find intriguing about Americans:

- You know you see an American when the person is a die-hard Yankees or Mets fan and is an ardent consumer of KFC, McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts.

-You know you see an American when majority of the clothes in his/her closet fall under the XL or the XXL size.

-You know you see an American when he/she threatens to sue you because your hand brushed against his/her elbow.

-You know you see an American when all they talk, eat, see or feel is sex and booze.

-You know you see an American when the amount of clothes on their body is directly proportional to the temperature outside.

-And finally, you know you see an American when he/she scores a full 100 on 100 in a DUMB test!!

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Ariana said...

wow talk about being close minded and racist.
If you hate americans, why are you here? How do you feel when white people come to India and call all desis, greedy, dirty and stupid?
ya..sista your no different.
Get off your friggin' high horse and go back to the land of open sewer drains, hungry children, corrupt people and dowry killing aholes. goodbye