Friday, November 20, 2009


So many people I have met, known and thought about, have one thing in common. In fact, every individual on this planet shares a common need- the need to be loved. I am yet to come across an individual who doesn't want to be loved or cherished.

When such circumstances exist, it is wonderful to find a human being who has the capacity to express his/her love for the loved ones around him/her.
So often (read almost all the time), I have come across people who do not believe in expressing their affection for the people they like or love.
I am an individual who believes in expressing herself. I feel that if I don't let my loved ones and the precious ones know how I feel about them- then who will?
Just try and express your love for your wife, father, husband, son or mother and just capture their happiness in your hearts forever.
Love is a beautiful thing, that is not meant to be hidden in your heart but it is something that needs expression and only then is the journey of life worthwhile...

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swapnil said...

wonderful shalee\love d gretest thing dat evry human being want 2 share.its really delightin my....