Monday, January 11, 2010


Ironic- We bargain with a poor vendor selling caps on the road, but we pay exorbitant prices for a simple t-shirt in a Nike showroom..

Beautiful- The sight of a baby cow suckling milk from its mother, the sight of a tired body resting peacefully under the shade of a huge tree..

Amazing- A 150 year old banyan tree still standing strong in spite of all the years, experience and the torture that it might have gone through..

Love- When your eyes meet his for a flicker of a second and no words are required..

Dumb- To not tell the person you love that you love him/her..

Pain- To not be able to establish contact with your best friend when you need her the most..

Path-breaking- The genius who must have thought of the idea of having a scare-crow in his field to drive birds away without actually being present all the time..

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visheshsh said...

you bus journey from vadodara to anand