Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Name is...

I am a Hindu. You are a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, a Jew- A HUMAN BEING! Somebody very aptly said that 'there is enough religion in us to hate but not enough to make us love each other.'
Secularism, the concept of God, the concept of His love for mankind and the fact that he made us all the same doesn't seem to put any rational thoughts in the minds of religious fanatics.
Why didn't God give 3 eyes to the Muslims instead of 2? Why didn't God make one extra leg on every Christian's body instead of 2? Why doesn't a Hindu have 2 pairs of hands?
The reason is simple yet thought provoking- God has no religion. Just like we play a variety of roles in our lives be that of a son, father, mother, daughter, sister or a friend; God too plays multiple roles for the sake of His followers.
Sometimes God becomes Shiv, sometimes Allah or sometimes Jesus. He does that out of love for His children and His children fight out of hatred for this very reason. How very ironic!
Millions have died because of this hatred and millions more have suffered because of the fanaticism of a few. Hatred breeds hatred and love breeds love. It is true that no individual can think alike. There are good people and not-so-good people. It doesn't matter if all the heads look differently, but it would just help so much if at least there back was turned against the same thing..
Hope is but the dream of those that stay awake!


Nehal Shah said...

The topic has been debated for a long time now... However world shows no signs of improvement...


Shailee said...

Like I said Nehu- hope is but the dream of those who stay awake..