Saturday, October 2, 2010

Billy Wonka

This post is titled to a friend/ stranger/ someone-just-like- a-younger-sister to me. Her parents helped me out when I first set foot in this strange country. You can say she was my first friend here. She is amazingly bubbly. Her smile is infectious and her energy is constantly flowing. I have not spoken to her for a million years now but I do think of her.
Until recently I didn't know her so well. But then I stumbled across her blog. And all the ramblings of a teenage girl. She is depressed perhaps, perhaps she is happy. I don't know what. But it makes me sad somehow.
It makes me sad that I cannot be with her and help her out. Or I cannot be with her and watch her smile that infectious smile.
And this is the case with every single friend of mine. I feel so protective. I may not always want to listen to your troubles. I may not always want to laugh with you. Honestly speaking, I might not always want to cry with you too. But I will and would want to always always protect you. Being protective is the most important thing for me. The only sad thing is, I wish I was this protective for myself!

P.S: By the way the post is titled Billy Wonka because that's her nick name. :)

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