Friday, April 30, 2010

Whereabouts of God..

Well for starters I am glad I changed the template of my blog from jet black to pristine white. Depicts peace-within my soul and around me.
Many a times, mostly in times of distress, I have found myself looking towards God for help. But then the dual personality in me tends to question- why do I believe in something that I don't see? Why do I want to trust the fact that there is a higher being controlling all of us?

And the questions move forward making me think that does God really have to be a higher being than all of us? What if He is just down here somewhere sitting right next to us? Holding our hand when we are distressed... consoling us when we are on the verge of tears..rejoicing with our soul when we rejoice! What if He were a human being too just like you and me?

God has the power to MOVE people. He has the power to INSPIRE us. He has the power to make us BELIEVE in ourselves. And more often than not I have had people do all these tasks for me; the ones that are supposed to be done by the Almighty above. A.R Rahman's music moves me, Clint Eastwood's movies inspire me, my Mom makes me believe in myself when no one else even bothers to listen. Then are these people equivalent to God?
Yes for me they are. And I say that without any doubts whatsoever. When I do a good deed, I feel like God myself. When I see someone move me in ways no one else has done, I see God in them. So then why do I have to look above at the sky to invoke the blessings of the Almighty? I am just happy seeing Gods all around me...

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