Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eine Nacht...

Scene 1: Take 1: Action-
A beautiful restaurant (a cozy cafe actually), 4 friends, horrible food, amazing ambiance, delicious mug full of coffee, a game of truth and dare and some amazing conversation.

Scene 2: Take 2: Action-
A chilly winter night. The Hoboken riverfront. New York skyline just across the river, right in front of you. Calm waters of the Hudson river softly licking the Hoboken shores. Soft music wafting from the cafe nearby. The tall buildings just take your breath away...

Scene 3: Take 3: Action in my brain-
I wish this night would never end. I hate going back home. But I have to. Because I have work and classes tomorrow. The cold kills me, but I love it. The wind bites my face, but I so want to remove my jacket and feel it against my skin. I just wish I could sit there for hours and hours, and never have to move away. Solitude is my faithful friend...

P.S.: Eine Nacht means A Night in Deutsche. ;)

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