Friday, July 31, 2009

Malgudi Days..

A few days ago my friend mentioned this T.V series that I once used to watch as a kid. No points of guessing the title of this series.. Malgudi Days.
This novel was written by one of the most loved Indian writers; often confused with cartoonist K.R Narayan; Mr. R.K Narayan.
To be honest I have never read the book. I would love to and someday I will. But I love this T.V. series.
It is about a small town called Malgudi shown as it would have been during the British Raj. The sheer simplicity of the series, the beauty of the stories so wonderfully told and the amazing performances by the actors are some of the many things that have awed me once again to this series.
The inner child has awakened again and certainly what an awakening it has been! At the age of 23, I just wish I could be 6 again. I just wish I could live in the olden times in a village called Malgudi...

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Dahemikar said...

u absultly right. i hv read 4 novels of him. they r stunning. currntly rading the dark room. the tv show s been good 2 watch bt dsnt make efffect. when u read 'swami & frnds' u defintlywent into childhood.