Friday, August 14, 2009

Independence or as we call it..

"250 years of struggle for independence but what do we have to show for except for a country divided..."

These were the closing lines of one of the most beautiful movies that I saw in recent times-1947 Earth. Directed by the ace director Deepa Mehta, this movie revolves around a young girl Lenny who sees the world through her eyes during the days of partition.

62 years of Indian independence and Pakistani independence were celebrated in the succession of 2 days i.e. 14th and 15th of August. As Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed independence in his famous speech on 14th of August; a new India was born.
But in the hustle and celebration of the rebirth of a nation, millions of its children slept forever. Such was the sad state of 2 nations during the time of partition. Over one million people, be it Hindus or Muslims, were massacred in the name of religion.
The human exchange between the 2 nations stands out to be the biggest that has taken place in the history of mankind.
And after 62 years, the question reigning in my mind is- why? What bent the Britishers to demand for partition when 2 countries were going to flourish together in prosperity. Were the Britishers so afraid of India's and Pakistan's joint strength that they just decided to divide the nations in 2? Were India and Pakistan so much of a threat for the pale skinned bastards?

Why did nobody care about the one million that died in the partition.. or the thousands that were massacred at Jallianwala Baugh?
And then they celebrate 62 years of Independence...

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