Saturday, September 12, 2009

I wish I was mentally challenged..

The title of this post may be enough for my friends and people who know me to start laughing. Because they have this notion that I am already mentally challenged! Well, they do not know that beneath this insanity lies the sanity of a pair of eyes that, probably, has seen it all and been through it all..
But that would be digressing from the point. The point I want to make here was taught to me by this customer at the store who is mentally challenged.
This guy is amazing. By amazing I actually mean, pure at heart with no malice in his soul. How many sane people practice this these days?
Sometimes I feel that the so-called- insane people are the luckiest amongst us all. Life for them is not a struggle but a happy journey. They have the most beautiful frame of reference to look at the world.
Such innocence, such purity is unseen.
And that is why I wish I was mentally challenged... wish I could break free from the shackles of all the mind games that my mind plays with me. Wish I could break free of the entire chain of thought process that boggles my mind. Wish I could live life without having to worry about the future. Wish I could be just me...

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