Sunday, December 21, 2008

The lazy bum... i.e. I

Everyone has a phase in their life when they move from being immature to mature people. But surprisingly so, I feel in my case the river is flowing backwards. I am turning from a mature person into an immature one!
I used to be a responsible person, once upon a time. Someone who was aware of all the responsibilities and duties that were needed to be carried out. But with each passing day, I feel I am turning into an irresponsible person. Someone who doesn't care a damn about what goes on in her own life. Now I, seriously, don't know whether this is temporary or permanent. Whether this is going to last longer or will it be over by tomorrow?
I guess everyone has moments like these or stages in life when you are not really sure what do you want from life!
The only good thing about this phase is that I have learnt to accept my mistakes and forgive myself. I have stopped living in regret and I am proud of this achievement. I have realized that I am human and that it is alright to make mistakes. Life always gives us one more chance. I would never have thought about it this way, had I been the Shailee that I was before.
Another good thing I feel is the constant flow of positivity in me. The past 4 months have probably been the worst for me. Me transferring to another country, staying away from home for the first time and all.. but inspite of that I feel amazingly positive. Something within me says that this shall soon be over and that life is going to be a bed of roses again!
Well I sure hope so to. I am keeping my fingers crossed and my faith alive. Hopefully this positive attitude should work well for me!

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