Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My legs in India..

Well the onlookers of this post might laugh their hearts out, but I sure miss my Kinetic today! After coming to USA, a thing that I miss the most would definitely be my scooter- My Kinetic.
How I would ride it around the entire town. My kinetic and I have shared some beautiful moments together. People find it really weird, but I actually used to talk to my kinetic. I used to share all the happiness and all the sorrows in the world with my bike! Ha ha ha. Funny but so true!
Now that I am 12000 miles away, I miss the wind on my face, something that I used to enjoy immensely on my bike. I miss the scorching sun on my back, all the riding that I would do during the summer afternoons; all the sun-tans that I ever had. How my mom would constantly scold me and warn me from riding during rains, heat or cold. But I would never pay any attention. These precious moments are few and I am going to cherish them all through my life. My kinetic, never once let me down. No problems whatsoever! Be it 6 in the morning, or 3 in the night; it used to be as smooth as ever.
I see people driving high end cars here and I feel sad because they probably will never know what it is like to ride like a crazy bird..

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