Monday, December 1, 2008

The most difficult word on the planet-' Goodbye'

The band Blue released an album ages ago. A very beautiful song was titled, " Sorry seems to be the hardest word". But I beg to differ. I think Goodbye is the most difficult word to say. The amount of pain and longing associated with goodbye is tremendous. Good bye is said when you are leaving your beloved friend at the railway station or the airport or it is sometimes implied when a person who no longer wants to be with you goes away leaving you stranded and clueless.
Good bye is open and good bye is subtle. Good bye is, sometimes, for good (wink wink) and goodbye, most of the times, is for bad.
There are so many forms of goodbye. But the one I hate the most is saying good bye when one of your loved one is boarding the train or the plane or the bus or whatever!
Just yesterday I said good bye to a close friend and, in this case, I boarded the train and moved away. The entire train journey then could be summed up in only one word-empty. It felt so good meeting a friend after such a long time but good bye ruined it all.
But condemning good bye is not going to help. Because all of us should know that saying good bye is giving hope to the other person. Hope of meeting again, soon. It means it is good that we are parting right now, so that the next time we meet we will, probably, gel along much better!
Like my professor said, "Such is life..."