Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tears and I.

Alright, after a lot of searching in my diary, I came across this poem that I had written when my grandfather expired. I was alone here in a foreign land and I didn't know how to react. I was shocked, I was numb and I was a lot of other things in that moment..

Tears don't come easily to me,
how much ever hard I try,
and then they come pouring down,
even when I don't want to cry.

Life seems unfair to everyone,
but it's your perspective that matters,
strong people may find happiness even in their sorrow,
when the not-so-strong ones find their life in tatters.

Tears and I share a special relationship,
the one that is not easily found,
so when life seems bleak for me,
it is my tears that are inward bound...


Nehal Shah said...

Hey i have read this somewhere...

Have you shown me this earlier?

Wandering Mind said...

No yaar..I haven't. I am sure. And trust me this is original. No copy pasting.He he he