Monday, January 26, 2009

The big bad house..

I was just passing by this road, and I saw this small house on the road side. At a glance, one probably, would mistake it for just another house on the road. But I saw it closely, and I realized that the place was infected by termites. I had to look closely enough to confirm. Fine long lines of termite presence were etched on the four walls of the house. And I presumed that no one was living in there. I believe in the philosophy that non-living things have feelings too, and are alive in one way or the other (Weird I know, but that's me!! Sigh..).
It looked as if the house was a dying person. It looked as though the doctors had given up all hope and left the patient on its own fate. Now my far fetched imagination imagined what it would be like; if the house had hands and would be able to clean itself of the termite lines. The house, I guess, is unlucky..
But we are humans and we are lucky people. We have a fully functional heart, brain and limbs that can drive all sorts of cobwebs and termites away. We are all infected by termites at one time or another, but we have the power to clean them. All we need to do is accept the fact first that we have been infected. Half the battle is won there and then. And then we can move on to become who we have envisioned ourselves to be. We have to cleanse our body and soul of these termites. Only then can we call ourselves, pure from the heart, body and soul...

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