Sunday, January 4, 2009

My definitions.

Everyone has a certain mindset and everyone is entitled to a certain opinion, and everyone also feels that his/her opinion is the right one. That is how human mind is conditioned to function, I guess. It is the individual's environment, heredity and a lot of other factors that make him/her think in a certain direction and in a certain manner.
Well, I have these set of definitions in my life that I live by and deeply believe in.

-Mom: The sole soul on the planet that truly believes in unconditional love and actually professes it. All other forms of love are, somewhere or the other, adulterated.

-Friend: The pillar of support that will never let you fall down even if you have become hollow from the inside like a plank of wood that is infected by termites.

-Religion: Is a matter of your own beliefs, and I respect your beliefs.

-Music and dance: Is simply one way to God.

-Education: Is a must for enlightenment

-Politics: Deep shit hole.

-Sex: Is a path that leads on to the unison of two souls deeply in love with each other. It helps them, actually, become one.

-Books: The second best way to learn lessons, after making your own experience.

-Experience: Obviously, the best way to learn a lesson.

-Relationships: Are a must for survival on the planet. They are as basic as needs for food, water or shelter. Extroverts openly acknowledge it, introverts don't. But on some level;both-extroverts and introverts desire it.

-Love: Is the most beautiful and the most ugly feeling on the planet.

-Terrorists: Should go back to where they came from-hell.

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