Friday, January 2, 2009


They are everywhere. They pinch you in subways, they wink at you on the streets, they harass you and they irritate you everywhere. You can avoid them but you certainly cannot ignore them. The 2 sexes- males and females are so different from each other. Men might have a million complaints about women and vice versa.
Being a woman, I think I should stay loyal to my community. Men from the days of yore used to be such fine gentlemen. They would make women feel like princesses. Respect for women and chivalry were common traits. And the men of today's generation- Pah! Respect for women and chivalry is a long forgotten term. Now all they can do is gape at women and consider them as objects of desire.
Sometimes it gets so irritating that you just feel like slapping them hard. And I am sure many of my female confreres will agree. Men just don't realize how dumb they look when they do that!
I have met only 2-3 men, hardly, who belong to the generation today and respect women and see them as individuals rather than objects of play. I wish there were more men like them! The world would be such a better place overall... sigh!!

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Dahemikar said...

Hi shailee, its so nice to see(?)u after 5 yrs. u write amzing stuuning. m ur 1st yr batchmate.
'swapnil' fy bba @ cz patel.
bt why u think all men r like dat? (u think?) m also passinate 4 books.
thnx 4 gvn m chance 2 dive in old memeories.