Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why and I?

A-Do you know why does the sun set?
B-Well, maybe it is tired after shining all day long and that is why it needs to rest.
A- No silly, the earth rotates on its axis and so the sun sets in one place while it rises in the other. Do you know why does rain fall?
B- Well maybe because the parched land awaits to be moisturized somewhere.
A- No you stupid woman, water vapor rises in the atmosphere and condenses to form water droplets which join together to become clouds. As the cloud gets heavy, it starts to rain. Understood?
Do you know why?- this is one sentence that I have started despising. Do you know why this happens? Do you know why that happens? And blah blah..
I mean isn't it enough for us to know that what maybe right for you as a person may not necessarily be right for me. Why do people ask 'why' hoping that they get the exact answer that they have in mind from the other person?
Is it just another way of pompously boasting your knowledge or are you genuinely interested in increasing the IQ or EQ of the other person?
This continues to baffle me all the time. People, all the time, try and force their thoughts on the other person. And the weapon they use is this silly 3 letter word- why?
'Do you know why' is a classic opening line to make the other person start doubting his own thoughts. Then all he tries to do is try and think of something that might be anything close to what the questioner has in mind!
Oh God! Give me a break. Let us all please try and get rid of this why. This 'why' has made me feel stupid a lot of times and I am sure this has happened to you too. The only way to get rid of it is to stop using it..!