Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coffee, conversation and wow!

We all need friends in our lives. There are, perhaps, thousands of gigabytes on the internet full of quotes, poems, essays, thoughts and songs dedicated to friendship. I am a mere mortal too and I need friends around me all the time. Also, I love carving new relationships and turning them into everlasting friendship.
A lot of my friends call me "gullible"- a term that I have come to hate, simply because I go out of the way to help someone and befriend someone. What they don't realize is that the friendship, the eternal bond created is something that I selfishly desire. It is for my own vested interest that I emotionally bind myself with another person. And that desire is - the desire to be loved. The desire to be cherished. And fortunately enough, I have the love of so many people to whom I am eternally indebted. And this is quite immodest of me, but it is true. I do have a lot of people in my life who, I can proudly say, love me a lot. But this blog isn't about friendship and stuff associated to that. I will do that later on.
This blog is dedicated to a special individual. An individual who has helped me create the most amazing rendezvous ever. The name of that person is Shayla.
Now, Shayla is unlike any person I would normally talk to. Atleast that was what I thought so. She loves to be clad in stuff made by Gucci and Armaani. She is very particular about how her nails are done, whether her hair is alright or not and all typical female stuff. Something that I am aversive to. So the story goes on something like this...
We met in a hotel in Nainital. Almost all the guests thronged the hotel lobby, that particular night. The reason being, the superstar Amitabh Bachchan was stipulated to arrive in the hotel later in the night, with his entire family. My friends and my sister waited patiently till 12 doing something or the other, just to keep themselves occupied. I waited with them because I didn't want to end up alone in the room. So there we were, waiting and there was Shayla sitting on the plush sofa, reading a book titled- The Secret. Now I had been playing with Shayla's cute daughter Juicy for quite some time (Yeah I am a typical female at times too.. I love young kids and babies). And after a lot of fooling around with Juicy I met her mom who was sitting elegantly reading the book. I struck up a conversation with her and we started talking about books. The conversation wore on and on and soon we realized we just couldn't stop talking. The lobby was getting crowded by all the fans and so we decided to go and sit in the coffee shop.

2:30 a.m.- Amitabh finally arrives and quickly disappears into his room. We don't even realize that. We just talk!
This went on till the wee hours of morning. Suddenly we realized that the sun was about to rise. We went out together on the terrace of the hotel and saw the sun rise over the breathtaking hills that surround the Naini lake. There was fog in the air and it was stinging cold. And there we were standing barefoot in the cold outside, trying to devour the whole view in just one glance. After so much of talking, that silence was like an icing on the cake which summed up the complete camaraderie that two strangers could share. There is a very famous Bollywood movie dialogue which says that, sometimes it takes ages to know a person, and yet you end up not knowing him/her and sometimes only one meeting is enough to uncover the deepest side of someone's personality. That was what happened with the 2 of us too. We felt like we had known each other since ages and there was no other soul on the planet who could understand us the way we understood each other. And trust me, that feeling of being completely understood is exhilarating. That was truly a liberating experience..
And later on that day, I left for Corbett leaving Nainital behind me. All I was left with was, memories of that wonderful conversation embedded in my bosom.
Thankfully, Shayla and I are still in touch and talk a lot. But I am sure, no conversation of ours will ever match the one we had during that mesmerizing night...

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heerak said...

hmmm....I think its an interesting beginning.....reading this thing I feel very touched because it has been so long since I joined this new job and I had good and long conversations like I used to have before.Sometimes I used to feel Shailee is so lucky to meet such people all the times but now I feel its the reflection of u in the behaviour of a person opposit to you...newaz...it was a good one....