Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For you..a thousand times over..

Right from the time I was a young kid, I was fascinated by books and movies. Until recently, I had profound knowledge of movies only produced and made in my country. People know it as Bollywood. We have had some amazing movies made in India by a lot of directors. But of late, some of my friends have got me hooked to watching movies made in Hollywood or for that matter made anywhere or originating from every part of the world.
Good movies move me in a way that I can not explain, no matter how hard I try. And about 5 minutes ago, I had the pleasure of being moved by a movie which is based on a book that I hold very close to my heart- The Kite Runner.
The story is based in Afghanistan and talks about how a boy actually turns into a man. All the circumstances around him that make him finally be able to take his own stand.
Watching the movie, The Kite Runner, was like reading the book all over again. It reminded me of all the moments that I had cherished when I read the book for the first time. Be it the time I had rejoiced on Amir's winning the kite tournament or the time(s) that I cried thinking about the horrors that surround the people of Afghanistan.
But there was this one statement or rather a dialogue which really touched me and it was, 'For you, a thousand times over'. How beautiful this one line is! It brought charm and added meaning to the whole movie. Hassan says this to Amir and proves that he can actually abide by it, and in return Amir says this to Hassan's son repenting for whatever mistakes he made.
Isn't it amazing just how one line can, sometimes, define everything that you feel? And sometimes even an entire book cannot accurately explain what the author is trying to say..

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Punam said...

It's my favorite quote from the book!! You should defiantly read the book. The movie was nice but book had a lot more to it. I also think you'd enjoy reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author. This one is based more off of women. Both books made me cry a lot and I've read them a number of times. take care :]