Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to self

I hated the thought of blogging- an honest confession that I want to make at the onset. I have read a lot of blogs- some good, some not so good and I always used to wonder how can people share their deepest, darkest thoughts with the world? The entire idea seemed unfathomable. But slowly and gradually the pile of thoughts, that always remained unshared, started building up within me. There has to be a way out of this- was what my brain thought. And the answer seemed simple enough. Start blogging. This is a simple way to let certain silly and serious issues slip out of your head or heart (depends on the place where they originated) and help you feel liberated.
And boy!! This effect has already started. I, now, am in a position to empathize with my fellow blogger colleagues (if I may say so) and truly understand the rationale behind this great act.
I don't have a blogger guru who can perhaps put the 'Raj Tilak' on my head and wish me 'Vijayi Bhava'. So I guess I will do the task for myself. Good luck and Happy blogging!!


Nehal Shah said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!
You have carved a distinct place for yourself in hearts of people with your pleasant nature... and now your blogs are surely going to give some insights to your thoughts. I must admit that I have been an ardent fan of yours and your blogs are no exception..
Love you dear.. Keep Blogging.. I see it as a scope of filling the emptiness in your life..

Shailee said...

Wow.. thanks for such a wonderful welcome. You influenced me into it..or rather I went ahead and got influenced by you, but it really helps! Keep giving me healthy feedback, I would love it!