Tuesday, November 25, 2008


They say that a lifetime is made up of small moments joined together. But I prefer to believe more in the power of living a lifetime in one single moment. These kind of moments are rare and few but they are definitely present. And it is because of these rare amazing moments that I enjoy the journey of life tremendously.

Here are some of the moments that get me high on life:
  • Smelling the scent of the earth just after it has rained.
  • Listening to some song, the lyrics of which transport me into a different world altogether.
  • Reading a book that creates a void within, which no other book can fill.
  • Hugging mom who envelops me into a tight embrace making me feel as if nothing on this planet can bother me anymore.
  • Sitting with my closest pal laughing my ass of on silliest of all issues.
  • The feeling of overwhelming love when a young baby cuddles up in my arms and places it's head on my shoulder, trying to sleep.
  • Riding on my bike during rains, going to a road side tea-stall just to have a cup of 'cutting chai'
  • Locking your eyes with someone in a room full of people, and suddenly realizing that you don't feel the presence of anyone else in the room.
  • My breath turning into mist during winters.
  • Having a heart to heart conversation with loved ones.
  • Being so busy that you don't have any time to eat, drink or sleep!!
  • Of late, watching the snow fall outside while I am warm and cozy inside my room.
  • Finding money unexpectedly in my pocket when I need it the most!
  • The different colors of trees and leaves during Fall.
  • The sight of one leaf falling off from the tree joining millions of others on the ground.
  • Nature, jungles, forests and mountains- all of these make me awed.
  • The ocean or the sea and the mystery associated with it.
  • Sun's rays falling on my face...

These are just a few of them that spring in to my mind right now. There are so many more, but I cannot recollect them right now..
These moments make me love life so much more. They make me realize the importance of stopping and noticing, and not just rushing ahead recklessly.


Nehal Shah said...

Flying on 7th sky when a girl gives a smile..

Shailee said...

Ha ha ha.. that gets you on a high brother.. not me.